UNBOXING: You Beauty Discovery September 2014 – Birthday Special


The theme of this box was Birthday Special. We weren’t sure why until we realised that YBD is one year old! As our favourite subscription beauty box, we’re happy that its made it to this anniversary!

For their birthday, YBD offered a cracking selection, but we were actually away so had to choose from the leftovers. But no fear! YBD had included a birthday bonusload of extras, including a full size Toni & Guy Volumising Whip. How generous!




EYEKO: Hydrogel Eyepatch, 3g x 2
Value: £3.75
“For radiant bright eyes. Botanically infused eye patches that instantly brighten and revivie eyes for a wide-awake look. Concentrated anti-stress and anti-fatigue ingredients treat the delicate eye area visibly diminishing dark shadows and puffiness, leaving skin hydrated and firm. Revitalise tired eyes in just 20 minutes.”

OFFER: Thanks to YBD, you can get 20% off all products at Eyeko.com using the voucher YOU20 (valid until 31st Oct 2014)

BT INITIAL THOUGHTS: We love to try out fun things like this.  Although this would have been better suited as an extra rather than an option, it’s a good brand, we’re optimistic!


Mavala: Mavadry Manicure Time-Save Fast Drying Nail Polish Finish, 5ml
Value: £5.00

“Mavadry dries nail polish in 60 seconds, prevents flaking, enhances nail colour and leaves a brilliant sheen.”

BT INITIAL OPINION – We only selected this because we missed the boat with ordering items for the box. Nevertheless, we’ve heard great things about this product and it’s a useful thing to have in our arsenal. We don’t imagine that it will get used all that often, but will come into its own when needed. Imagine that we’ll be super grateful to have it when we’re in a rush!



TONI & GUY: Glamour Volume Plumping Whip, 90ml
Value: £6.99

“The ultimate hair treat to give your locks all-day body and bounce from the roots. The non-sticky formulation slifts hair for glamorous, voluptuous volume without any fl y-aways. Just apply a walnut-sized amount at the roots and blow dry to unleash beautiful sleek body throuhout the hair – the perfect prep for creating a volumised up-do.”

BT INITIAL OPINION – We would never have chosen this ourselves, but what a fun product! How can anyone not be happy to receive it? We look forward to trying this!


CRABTREE & EVELYN: Teabags x 2 – Blackberry Tea & Afternoon Tea
Value: £0.28

BT INITIAL OPINION – Who knew Crabtree and Evelyn did tea? We love teas. All teas.


UNBRANDED: Face Sponge
Value: Unknown, estimate £1

“Cute, handy – perfect for a post-summer make-up bag refresh.”

BT INITIAL OPINION – As a freebie, we can’t really complain. Can’t remember the last time we used a sponge like this though! With some incoming air cushions, could be a good backup for that?


HELLO FRESH: £25 discount card
Value: N/A
“Hello Fresh’s unique service delivers great healthy recipes and fresh ingredients to your doorstep each week.”

BT INITIAL OPINION: We always feel a bit conflicted about things like this – it is a generous discount, but at the end of the day is just advertising. It’s pretty relevant though and does further compliment the rest of this month’s offering, so we’ll let it pass 😉


Germaine de Capuccini: Excel Therapy O2 Continuous Defense Cream & Multi-Regenerating Rose Hip Oil
Pixi: Endless Silky Eye Pen
Pixi: Tinted Brilliance Balm
Perricone MD: No Foundation Foundation
Wild About Beauty: Nutrilips Colour Lipstick SPF15
John Frieda: Brilliant Brunette Colour Protecting Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner
ARK: Body Butter & Shower Gel Duo
Sanctuary Spa: White Lily & Damask Rose Body Lotion



We were a bit gutted to have missed out on the Pixi and Perricone products, but this actually turned out to be a super fun box. It’s nice to try out products that aren’t the standard ones we’d usually go for and YBD had really outdone themselves with their birthday offering of extras. We look forward to YBD going from strength to strength this year!

Box price: £6.95 inc shipping
Total value: £17.02

Note: We paid for this You Beauty Discovery Box with our own hard-earnt pennies

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UNBOXING: You Beauty Discovery August 2014 – Summer Essentials


The theme of this box was Summer Essentials.

The selection varied wildly in value this month. We were lucky enough to get the premium products we wanted which was lucky as they were the only two we would have been really happy with. Hopefully YBD will improve the options in future.




EUCERIN: Sun Mattifying Face Fluid SPF50, 50ml
Value: £15.00 (full size product)

“A sun fluid for the face that has a three-dimensional protection system: It provides high UVA protection, UVB protection and biological cell protection which strengthens skin’s own cell protection and DNA repair mechanisms. The light fluid is suitable for combination to oily skin, and provides a non-shiny and non-sticky feeling, leaving a mattifying effect on the skin. Also suitable for sun sensitive skin.”

BT INITIAL THOUGHTS: We’re interested to see how this performs and how it looks/feels on the skin. We’re not entirely sure why you would want this above any other skincare product with high SPF or a normal sunscreen.

THE BEAUTIFUL TRUTH (review): This seems both a good product undergoing identity crisis…after using it during a period of 3 weeks alongside a normal sunscreen on our bodies and with and without makeup, we are not really sold on it. Mainly because we are not sure when/why to use it or therefore why anyone would buy it. Maybe we are missing something?. It is not without its merits – it is not oily and feels great on the skin (compared to an ordinary sunscreen). You can apply makeup pretty well on top of it, but it does feel heavier than a lotion with SPF and with continued use, made our combination skin slightly more oily. If it were waterproof, then we’d totally understand the benefit as it would be perfect for the beach, but as it is, we’re not sure why you’d use it in place of a high SPF BB cream or moisturiser, especially at the price. £15 for a relatively small bottle (which is plenty enough for a 2 week holiday)? we’d rather buy some Clarins 🙂

Score: 3/5…mainly because we can’t figure out why you’d buy it


GAZELLI: Triple Youth with White Oil Duo, 10ml (5ml x 2)
Value: £16.00
“Gazelli’s Luxury Discovery Set is the perfect one-week introduction to the Triple Youth Range, and includes an Ultimate Firming Serum and Intensive Age-Repair Cream to give your skin the ultimate rejuvenation.”

BT INITIAL OPINION – This has to be our first beauty product made in Azerbaijan! Just on this basis and the product’s luxe feel, we are excited to try this 🙂



JIMMY CHOO: Eau de parfum and MAN Eau de toilette (2ml x 2)
Value: £3.59 (£1.92 + £1.67)

“Luxury in a bottle.”

BT INITIAL OPINION – We’re always happy to receive mini-sprays as these are useful when travelling and much better than tiny one-use samples. We like the inclusion of both the men and women’s variants. Nice touch 🙂


4-way Nail Buffer
Value: Unknown, £2 estimate

“On-the-go nail perfection.”

BT INITIAL OPINION – Some people got a lipstick instead of the nail buffer. As it’s just an added extra, we’re pretty happy with this nail buffer as it will get used, even if it is a bit bulky.


FACED 3-LURONICS: Instant Effect Cream Serum, 2ml
Value: £1.66
“Visibly reduced wrinkles and expression lines”

BT INITIAL OPINION – What a crazy named company! This product might be good, but doubt we’ll be wowed by this little sachet. Still, a nice extra.


Peggy Sage: Nail Polish (Summer & Nude Collections)
Rose & Co: Cherry Kiss Lip Balm
Daniel Sandler: Long Lasting Waterproof Eye Liner (Aqua)
Marsk: Gold Eyeshadow “Rich List”
Louise Galvin: Sacred Locks Treatment Masque
Justbe: Hydrating Serum


We think if we hadn’t got the items we’d really wanted, we would have been slightly disappointed with YBD this month. Not because it doesn’t deliver value for money, it always does – but because we’ve been so spoilt in previous months that we’re used to having a hard time making a decision between lots of fabulous products. As we managed to get the Eucerin and Gazelli, our luck was in this week…together with the 4 extras! The summer theme was tenuous, but we loved our box regardless. We would never have tried products like the mattifying sunscreen or potions from Azerbaijan without this service and YBD remains our favourite subscription beauty box.

Box price: £6.95 inc shipping
Total value: £38.25

Note: We paid for this You Beauty Discovery Box with our own hard-earnt pennies

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UNBOXING: You Beauty Discovery June 2014 – Beauty Heroes


The theme of this box was Beauty Heroes.

The selection this month wasn’t as good as usual (especially considering the theme), so we were glad that we managed to get the items that we really wanted. YBD always delivers great value, but the curation of products left us choosing practical items that we would use rather than exciting new items to use.


Transformulas: Face Contour & Tightening Creme 15ml

Value: £31.40 (full size product)

“As the leading British cosmeceutical brand that specialises in anti-ageing and lifestyle treatments for the face and body, this cutting edge treatment goes right to the heart of the skin-ageing problem. Potent ingredients help life, define and sculpt; the appearance of the face looks instantly elevated and more refined, giving the skin a more silhouetted, lifted look.”

BT INITIAL THOUGHTS: We’ve heard some good things about this product, so look forward to seeing whether it delivers on its promises and whether it’s worth the pricetag.

L’Oreal: Infallible 24H Lip Colour, 121 Flawless Fuschia
Value: £9.99 (full size product)

“Looking for that perfect lipstick that doesn’t stain your champagne glass? L’Oreal’s new lipstick ticks all the boxes. The combinatino of replenishing hyaluronic gel and high intensity pigments, finished with an illuminating balm, provde 24hr infallible colour, hydration and comfort for your lips.”

BT INITIAL OPINION – We originally ordered this because we didn’t like any of the other options and this was just a practical choice as you can never have too many lip glosses! However, we look forward to testing the durability of this new product from L’Oreal – it’s a lovely shade for oriental colouring too!

THE BEAUTIFUL TRUTH (review): Generally, we are a fan of lipglosses. This was the first longwear lip ‘gloss’ that we had tried. It proved to be a bit of a different beast. The colour/gloss itself did not apply very evenly, so you needed to use a mirror and apply quite a thick coat for even coverage. You then had to use the other end, which was a clear balm that ‘sealed’ the colour in. By its nature, appying a lot of the pigment, meant that you ended up with deeply coloured lips (very on-trend right now, but not what we had expected). This also meant that when the colour did wear off, it was quite obvious. Having said that, it did last quite a long time (maybe a couple of hours), but nowhere near 24 hours! We generally prefer lip products that look more natural than this as we don’t have to worry about reapplying, but it was interesting to try it. We think this product would have been way better if initial application was either way sheerer or even more pigmented so that you did not have to apply so much. We suggest trying standard lip velvets instead.

RATING: 3/5 – fairly middle-of-the-road


Montagne Jeunesse – Dead Sea Mud Spa
Value: 99p
“Breathe life back into skin with intensely invigorating and revitalising Dead Sea Minerals. Having harvested the ocean’s nutrient-rich Seaweed and Kelp right from the source – the Dead Sea Mud is a satisfying boost for thirsty skin to penetrate deep into pores and draw out impurities.”

BT INITIAL OPINION – We tend to find that clay masks overstimulate combination skin and would have preferred a different type of mask to try. However this is still a nice addition.

Expandable Face Cloth
Value: Unknown
“The luxury of a cleansing ritual everyday, TBD have created a unique soft, expandable facial cloth. The ideal cleansing accessory to gently remove cleansers, makeup, exfoliators and masks. Just run your expandable face cloth under warm water and watch it expand!”

BT INITIAL OPINION – Nice to have a functional item

Cowshed: Slender Cow Extra Firming Body Butter
Herbacin: Hand Cream for Protection and Care
Rituals: Zensation Organic Rice Milk & Cherry Blossom Foaming Shower Gel Sensation
Her: 200 Trecento Rivitalising Hair Treatment
Urban Veda: Daily Purifying Facial Wash


Not the most exciting selection this month, but we still love YBD for sheer value for money and generally offering a decent quality choice of products. We’ve been exposed to lots of ‘new’ (to us!) premium brands through this service. Although this box wasn’t as good as ones in the past, it remains our overall favourite subscription box.

Box price: £6.95 inc shipping
Total value: £42.39

Note: We paid for this You Beauty Discovery Box with our own hard-earnt pennies